Sunday, September 27, 2009

McAfee's Knob, VA

McAfee's Knob is quoted as "the most photographed spot on the AT," and according to my dear friend Anna, it is a must see if you plan on visiting southern Virginia. I happen to agree. McAfee's Knob, the Dragons Tooth, and the Tinker Cliffs are all within a days hike on one another, and they are some of the most beautiful features I have seen in Virginia. It would be a shame to miss them, and as a thru-hiker, if you didn't do McAfee you'd be shunned, I'm sure. But, do I really want to climb out on this thing?

Granted, millions of other people have done it before me, including thousands of thru-hikers. Safety in numbers, right? Or did all that pounding and sitting upon the knob make it weak? Each time it gets closer to breaking off, and taking with it an unsuspecting hiker who was just hoping for a nice photo opt. Will it be me? A friend?

Fear not. I made it quick.
McAfee's Knob Sunrise.

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