Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And in other news...

As the months drag onward thru hikers' appetites only continue to build. Food has become scarce on the trail and hikers are having to turn to each other for comfort and handouts. But, one hiker reports that the hunger is starting to subside:

"I'm feeling a lot better these days."
"That's wonderful. Now sir if I may inquire, where did you obtain those wounds on your arms. They..uh...look pretty bad."
"I..uh...wrestled a bear--a FIERCE bear, about my size. But not to worry, he's dead."
Bacon rubs his stomach happily.
"Yes, well um, thank you."

That was 'Bacon of Wisconsin.' Thanks again, Mr. Bacon. He is one of the only thru hikers we could find on the trail for all others seem to be mysteriously missing... Well, that's all we have for you today as we close with this message:

Be kind. Feed the hikers.

Duncannon, PA.

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